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New house release @ Al’Ol Architecture!

Babylon House is characterized by its facade. It is a modern classical house. Its interior is divided into two large rooms. In one you can do your living room, while another the game room, dining room and also the kitchen. Its interior is divides by two large rooms. One you can use as your living room while the other can be a game room, dining room and/or kitchen.

Upstairs there are two large bedrooms with enough space for you to do a beautiful decoration using your favorite furniture. There are two large bedrooms upstairs, with enought space for you to do a wonderful decoration using all your favorite furniture.

On the back of the house there is a large outdoor space with a set of furniture plus a large swimming pool. In this area you can also do parties to entertain your friends.

Babylon House is not closed in the back, If you put the front of the house facing the street and its back facing the beach, you will have an easy access on both sides because its front and back areas have stairs that lead to the ground.

Promotional release price in the MarketplaceSL, only 199 lindens in the first week! Enjoy!

Visit the demo house at Al’Ol Architecture store in-world!


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