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Al’Ol Bonetto House for half price!! Don’t miss the last days of this hot promo!!

It’s the last days to buy your Al’Ol Bonetto House for 50% price off! Don’t miss this big sale!! The house is avaiable to sale on MarketplaceSL and in-world! Go to Al’Ol Homes Store now to check this amazing house!! Improve your Second Life, live in a dream home!!

Avaiable to sale on MarketplaceSL and at Al’Ol Homes Store in-world.

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Al’Ol Ecco House is the latest release from Al’Ol Architecture! It’s almost completely furnished, with the exception of one room, that you can furnish to fit your taste. The house is divided in livingroom, kitchen and dining room, 3 bedrooms, bathroom and an external area with pool.

Integrated livingroom and kitchen, very well decorated and with multiple animations options in couches, stools and chairs.

This house was made using the best of wood textures and vivant colours we find in Nature, this way giving us a very pleasant, comfy and calm ambient.

Two furnished bedrooms: the Manhattan and the Japanese (both with menu beds). The Manhattan brings us the atmosphere of the big urban centres, while The Japanese bring us the calm of the japanese mountains and fields.

Al’Ol Ecco House is a perfect option for those who don’t have a big parcel or lot of prims.

Promotional release price in the MarketplaceSL, only 199 lindens in the first week! Enjoy!

Visit the demo house at Al’Ol Architecture store in-world!

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New house release @ Al’Ol Architecture!

Babylon House is characterized by its facade. It is a modern classical house. Its interior is divided into two large rooms. In one you can do your living room, while another the game room, dining room and also the kitchen. Its interior is divides by two large rooms. One you can use as your living room while the other can be a game room, dining room and/or kitchen.

Upstairs there are two large bedrooms with enough space for you to do a beautiful decoration using your favorite furniture. There are two large bedrooms upstairs, with enought space for you to do a wonderful decoration using all your favorite furniture.

On the back of the house there is a large outdoor space with a set of furniture plus a large swimming pool. In this area you can also do parties to entertain your friends.

Babylon House is not closed in the back, If you put the front of the house facing the street and its back facing the beach, you will have an easy access on both sides because its front and back areas have stairs that lead to the ground.

Promotional release price in the MarketplaceSL, only 199 lindens in the first week! Enjoy!

Visit the demo house at Al’Ol Architecture store in-world!


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NEW AL’OL THE LODGE – A perfect home for those who like coziness!

The Lodge features modern architecture with vibrant colors and lots of wood. The Lodge aims the coziness, the interior is fully furnished and with numerous decorative details.

This house, or else a super cottage has wood as the main feature, present in every room. It is divided internally into lounge, kitchen and two suites with bath. On the outside swimming pool and two large front balconies.

The house comes fully furnished and decorated according to the space and environment. The whole house is modifiable, including mobile and can be replaced by others at your taste.

Promotional release price in the MarketplaceSL, only 199 lindens in the first week! Enjoy!

Visit the demo house at Al’Ol Architecture store in-world!

New House @ Al’Ol Architecture!

Al’Ol Belinda House!

Belinda House features modern architecture in a harmonious combination of soft colors and wooden details. The internal area is composed by living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 1 suite, balconies, and indoor pool. Perfect place to relax and enjoy friend times.

Some rooms are furnished and some are not, allowing you to customize it entering the furniture of your choice. Among the furnitures there’s a room already furnished, pool table with menu, 2 armchairs in the terrace, living room with a small waterfall and sofa set, kitchen also furnished.

Check out the demo at the store in-world! And don’t miss the release promotion in the Marketplace, ONLY 199 LINDENS, which is for a limited time!

Teleport to Al’Ol Architecture and buy your new house!

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ONLY 50 LINDENS! Azure Yachts

October 13, 2010 1 comment

Do you like yachts?
It was precisely this question that a friend made me before he send the link of the Azure store at the Marketplace. I said yes, but what does that matter when it comes to Azure Yachts? They are incredible and very well done, if you like yachts and have a place to put them so you can’t miss out this sale! Any Azure yacht for only 50L, or you can buy 7 per just 199L! Amazing, I bought all .. lol

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New Al’Ol Helena House

Away Again… This week I was away from the blog again. But it was for good reason! I was finishing my latest release for Al’Ol store!

I am proud to present the new Al’Ol Helena House, this house is modern, medium sized, because of this you don’t need a big land to be able to have this house!

It comes fully furnished, for you to enjoy every detail. Kitchen, living room with a incredible pool table with sex menu, two bedrooms upstairs with beds also with sex menu. Balconies and also external front area with pool.

Check out the images and the demo version of the house in the AL’OL Store!

Don’t miss out  the special release price in the Marketplace. Only 199 Lindens!

Teleport to Al’Ol Store!

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