Learn how to advertise your product or store in Stylish Man blog:

  • Would you like to advertise your product?
I allow designers to announce your products for free in this blog. You need to send me the item in world including landmark to location where the product is available for sale.

If you send only one product, for example, a pair of shoes, a jacket or a hair I will insert this item in a look with same name the item has in SL and store credits. However, if you send new releases pack I will make a post especially for this item. But that works only for skins or a really great release that is appropriate to show all models and colors of the product. Exception for hairs, that will be always included in a look.

Ah, but you can’t send me the hole stock of products and hope that I blog all items. No, I will select the best items and publish them.

Consider that readers want to see what they think it’s interesting. I won’t publish low quality products, or ordinary items that you can find everywhere, or stuff everyone already have, for example a simple white shirt. I give preference to news and innovative products.

I’ll NEVER publish stolen items or dubious, send your own creations or creations from the store you represent.

  • Would you like to advertise in Stylish Man blog side bar?
This kind of advertisement costs L$ 500 per exhibition week.

An image from your Store, product or whatever you want to announce, will be added in 200×155 pixels (width x height) sent by you. By clicking this image, people can “teleport” to your store location or internet page. (See the ads already published).

Your image doesn’t need to be in this exact size, but I recommend it to be proportional, because when I add your image I’ll apply this dimensions ( 200×155 ).

Contact me in world, Albertt Olkhovsky.

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