About me

My English isn’t very good, so forgive me if I make a mistake!

I’m Brazilian, born in Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil, where I live till nowadays. I’m 19 years old and I discover SL when I was 16. My uncle told me about SL, but I don’t got interested at first time, I thought that it was more like a child game, like The Sims, then my IT teacher spoke about it at school making me curious, so I decide to join Second Life and since then I login everyday.


The need for lindens has come, getting more intense, I wanted to buy all nice things I saw, but I didn’t have any lindens. I start making camp, but this wasn’t enough, so I bought lindens for the first time, customize my avatar, bought skins, clothes, hairs and rent a house! Ops, the rental was per week, 400L per week! I didn’t have money to buy lindens every week, and spend it in a “PC little game”. I needed to open a store, but what store?


Everyone praised my shape, which I have made by myself and made customized shapes for friends. So I rent my own store in a mall and start a shapes store, Al’Ol Shapes, which still exists today. Now I could pay my rental and buy (almost) every nice stuff I saw. But my entrepreneurial spirit made me expand my business! So I did it, bought a land to place my store and then my store goes evolving…


The time has passed, many others shapes stores arose and I knew I could do more than shapes, my buildings skills and object edition was burning. I start making houses! Few houses in my inventory sold to friends was enough to open a houses store, and then Al’Ol Architecture was come. Ok Ok, I’m not an architect (yet) and my buildings are not major architectural works of metaverse but I try to improve my skills even more.


The day is long, now I study at night and sleep in the afternoon, I have time free and sometimes e get bored. Watch TV doesn’t pleases me anymore. I love blogs, about SL too, my friend Blondie made one and now she spends a lot of her time on it… Having a blog must be cool. I already followed a few SL blogs, but only see wasn’t that fun. I created Stylish Man Blog, one more blog option for you to follow the greatest from male fashion in Second Life, news and sales.


This is my history, tell me yours!


Albertt Olkhovsky
  1. Aspen Parx
    September 14, 2010 at 10:05 am

    very nice Albertt!

  2. February 15, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    Great blog Albertt. there are not enough stylish mens fashion blogs. Great work 🙂

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