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7 Incredible Complete Sci-fi Avatars

We no longer get out of SL to find those awesome robots and cyborgs that previously we only saw in the shooting games. I as a good fan of Unreal Tournament and Crysis I am amazed when I find characters like this in SL! And to diversify a bicomplete avatars, today I decided to change the theme of the post, and it will be more common here on the blog. I know many people like that sort of theme, however sometimes the fashion-fashion doesn’t give space to discuss about this. I selected the best costumes and full avatars that I know in sl and decided to make this post. Pick yours and venture into this sci-fi  world!

↑ Cydroid Avatar Primitive [ Spider Productions ]

↑ EVEavatar/vision of future [ LeLutka ]

↑ X.E.I. (Male Version) [ Boxed Heroes ]

↑ Armored Warrior Male AVATAR [ Boxed Heroes ]

↑ Armored Assault Warrior [ Boxed Heroes ]

↑ M-Type Robot Avatar [ Eclectic Randomness ]

↑ Cydroid Avatar Assault [ Spider Productions ]

What would you like to see in the next thematic post? Fantasy, medieval or other, which?

  1. BB
    August 26, 2010 at 10:59 pm

    Fantasy!!I would love to see you dress as a clown lol 😛

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